Representative example: Amount of credit £3,000 for 2 years. Interest rate: 24.9% pa (fixed).
24 scheduled monthly payments of £159.96. Total amount payable: £4,339.14.
Representative 29.9% APR.

Cheap Loans for Self-Employed by Loan Lender, UK

Borrowing money is just like climbing a mountain; and the task becomes more challenging when you are a self-employed person. Many times, self-employed status acts as a barrier in getting credit at justified terms. As being self-employed and even having regular income, you cannot be sure of repaying the debt on the time because of numbers of possibilities like the late payment from the customers, unseen business expenses, instant investment to catch the business opportunity etc. When most of the traditional mainstream financial institutions deny your candidature for lending, the private lenders offer the variety of tailor made loan for self-employed.

Rising Demand of Loans for Self Employed in UK: 

Self-employment represents the larger share of total employment in the UK; it is up from 12% in 2001 to 15.1% in 2016; and the upward trend continues. Emerging new business opportunities in diverse sectors are inviting more and more people to become self employed. The growing self-employment is contributing at large in reduction of unemployment rate recorded at the lowest level since 1975. The other side of this win-win side is the commonly experienced problem by the self-employed people that scale attention of community but the road is not so smooth. We, at Loan Lender, they face in arranging the funds when they need. The personalised loans for self employed help you go ahead with your business plans without worrying much for funds arrangement.

Unsecured and Secured Loans for Self Employed:

The traditional lenders often find it difficult to assess the repayment capability of self-employed people because there exist different types of businesses that often do not ensure for steady income. On the other side, the numbers of self-employed people do not disclose the real income or minimize the documented income just to evade taxes. The mainstream lenders prefer to credit the people paying higher tax; it turns majority of self-employees towards private lending agencies. We at Loan Lender welcome the self-employed people to meet out their quick financial needs at least price by getting secured or unsecured loans.

Secured loans demand some collateral to secure the debt; these are made available at lower interest rate. Unsecured loans are available at slightly higher interest rate but keep you free from pledging your asset like car, house or business share etc.

Least Priced Loans For Self Employed – Simplified:

Most of self-employed professionals do not have enough time to explore the options by meeting the concerned authorities and brokers personally. Loan Lender, as being the premier private lending agency, offers simplified least priced loans specially designed for self-employed. Our experts draft the loan proposals exactly in the line of your expectations, requirements and preferences. We are committed to serve more and more people helping them to carry on their business and to contribute in nation’s economy growth; therefore, our personalised small loans proposals address your short- term and long-term needs effectively.

We know that it may be your first ever chance to borrow the money after attaining the self-employed status, so, we keep the whole process so simple that you never need the help of broker. Still, we invite you to ask as much as you wish to be 100% satisfied.

Enjoy the Benefits of Self-Employed Loans at Minimum Cost:

UK government understands that self-employment is a choice of growing community that cannot be ignored; therefore, it directs the lenders to go beyond the stereotyped lending approach. Our flexible secure and unsecure financial products for self-employed people are designed over this directive; therefore, each deal delivers maximum benefits at minimum cost. We do encourage our clients to assess their repayment capabilities on practical grounds abut also respects the uncertainty in business; therefore, we allow the borrowers to readjust the repayment schedule if they fails to follow the previous one. Your privacy is one among our prime concerns; so, we do not ask for or verify the use of funds; still, we recommend to using the availed loan amount for the justified cause that financially benefits to you.

Since the inception, Loan Lender has been trendsetter for the agencies offering loan for self employed because of unique solutions to specific financial problems. The growing numbers of our clients in each social and professional segment prove our excellence in private lending. Just call us to know how we make the difference in private lending to self-employed people.