Representative example: Amount of credit £3,000 for 2 years. Interest rate: 24.9% pa (fixed).
24 scheduled monthly payments of £159.96. Total amount payable: £4,339.14.
Representative 29.9% APR.

What is A Text Loan?

Are you living on a tight budget? Do you need money for an unforeseen expense? If yes, you need instant financial help. It does not matter whether or not you have a regular income source, unexpected expenses do bother you and they can be tackled with a small loan that is none other than text loans.

These loans across the UK are indeed the perfect funding sources in such a scenario because they are quick, safe and secure to apply.

The best part is you can apply for these loans through your cell phone anywhere anytime to borrow money. Just send a text, quickly verifies your details and then get funds directly in your account.

Mobile Text loans are generally similar to payday loans because both are applied when you need money on an immediate basis. During emergency, it might not be possible to take out a loan with lengthy procedure thus Loan Lender disburses funds as soon as you tap on your mobile screen.

Features of Text Loans from Direct Lenders:-

  • You can apply text loans 24/7 through mobile phones
  • Fund disbursal after a few minutes of the application submitted
  • Very easy to follow the loan process

How Mini Text Loans Work

Before you take the plunge, you must note that you cannot take out mini text loans loans as long as you have not submitted your details by filling out the online application form. If you are registered with your lender, you will send the text.

Then, we will send a personal identification number (PIN) that you will submit for the verification purpose. It helps to ensure that all details belong to you. After validation, money will be transferred to your account. Further, we do not run a credit check that makes the process more convenient and faster.

What to consider before applying for a text loan

Even a small amount of a loan can prove very expensive if you overlook the following factors:

  • Interest rates

Every loan company offers these loans at different interest rates. It is imperative that you should compare rates so that you get the best deal. If you know interest rates beforehand, you will know the total amount to pay and accordingly you will plan your budget. Make sure that it is not inclusive of any hidden fees.

  • Term of loan

The term of the loan also affects its total cost. The longer the repayment period, the higher the cost will be. However, loans with extended repayment period are always more manageable. So you should consider your budget and a plan on how you repay it, simultaneously.

  • The purpose of borrowing money

You can borrow text loans from direct lenders for any unplanned small expenses. Make sure that you do not borrow for any reason other than emergency.

Loan lender offers you bespoke loans after much deliberation over your credit needs and repayment capacity.

Can you get text loans within one minute?

Yes, you can get the loan within one minute provided you meet basic requirements and you are registered with us. You simply have to send the text from your cell phone and we allow the transfer of funds in the blink of an eye. However, your text loan request is subjected to affordability and identification details check that you have already provided.

You get the loan decision almost instantly along with a quick link to ‘My account’ where you can find all the terms and conditions of your loan. Once you agree to them, you can be sure of getting the quick financial help that was not possible through alternative sources.

Can I get mobile text loans with no credit check?

A credit check is the most common practice that direct lenders follow to know about your repayment history and credit score. The decision of approving or turning down your application is taken after evaluating your credit report. It also serves as a basis for deciding the interest rate.

Well, is there any way to borrow money without a credit check? Yes, you can take out text loans with no credit check. It is because we already know that you have not been financially reliable enough that is why your credit rating is less-than-perfect.

Since bad credit borrowers struggle to have their loans approved, we provide such loans without running a credit check. They act as an alternative to other short-term loans provided to these individuals.

Under this provision, your credit score will not plummet as no hard footprints will show up on your credit report. We do not deny any loan application as long as you promise to pay back money.

How do I apply for text loans?

The application procedure for these(text loans from direct lenders with no credit check) loans is very simple. You can get funds within a couple of minutes because you are already registered with us. Here are the steps that you will follow to apply for our loans:

  • Open your Smartphone and visit our website.
  • Go to the application form and apply online.
  • The lender will send a confirmation PIN.
  • Verify it and finalise the loan application.
  • Receive funds to your bank account on the same business day.

We provide the best online place to get personalised loan offers on convenient and easy terms. You should not worry about the interest rates because they are decided only after analysing your financial circumstances.

How to Repay Text Loans

To repay text loans, you have two options:

  • Payment by cheque; or
  • Auto-debit mode

If you choose the first option, you are supposed to submit your cheque on the due date. If you opt for the second option, we will deduct the amount of loan along with interest from your bank account registered with us. Most of the lender uses only second option for the repayment of such loans.

Loan Lender aims to provide quality-lending service, which is speedy and relevant to your circumstances. Do not hesitate to apply for these loans if you need money today.

Text loans FAQs

Can I apply text loans anytime?

YES, you can easily apply for text loans, as the service is open for 24 hours a day that is the best part from a direct lender. You can apply within a simple text and can easily get registered with the lender. It hardly takes a minute to have the facility of loan. You just need to pick your mobile phone in your hand and drop a simple text.

Although, when the time you drop a text to the lender they will drop a conformation OTP, which will secure your details and funds all in all terms. You can get the funds in your account within an hour or maximum within in a day that can lend a helping hand. However, if you are already registered with the lender then in few seconds, you can have the benefits of your wealth.

How Text Loans work with No Credit Check?

Yes, you got it write there is an option that you can get a loan in a text with no credit history check. In simple words, whenever you heard text loans with no credit check, it means an offer with double benefits.

Moreover, text loans do not have the policy to check the credit score. It offers you small amount of money that somehow can also help you to improve your score.

Even though, this is one of the easiest substitute loans, which you can get in the most demanding manner. However, another plus point is that you can save credit score from the search footprints. Moreover, you get 100% approval without any nervousness or tension. It can help you in completing all your short needs with in no time.

What are the situations where I can apply for Text Loans?

There can be any situation, to get the text loans if you want pay your mobile bill, electricity bill or Netflix subscription. No worry, you can get the money for anything. If you want to enjoy the freedom of mini text loans, then first thing that you should always follow is registration. It is the most noticeable element.

When you see that you are the registered borrower, you can simply drop a text and the lender will send you a conformation pin number that is just assure your presence. The time you done with all the things, you can see the funds transferred into your account. This is one of the most demanding loans even the private lenders are promoting it a lot. But make sure to apply the deal from the reliable lender, like Loan Lender, prior to apply for the loans.

What is the purpose of text loans?

If you ever find yourself in the middle of the highway with a malfunctioned car, but no money to get it repaired, text loans can help. If you have a product delivery from e-commerce seller today, text loans can help fill the financial gap. Perhaps now you can understand. All these situations are very urgent and through text loans, you can get funds by sending just a text.

These loans are for very urgent needs and none of the urgent situations can remain unattended with the help of these speedy loans. Just send a message to the lender with the loan amount you require and within minutes, approval comes. Spend few more minutes and the funds reach to your bank account. No need to make fearful anticipations about repayments, instalments are small. The maximum limit to borrow is £2500. Tenure is 3 months.

I have no credit history, can I get text loans?

Of course, you can borrow despite no credit history. The text loans are friendly to every type of credit score status. In fact, in case you do not want any credit score perusal, you can get text loans by direct lenders with no credit check. Lending companies like Loan Lender provides such choices on lower rates. The deals are customised and instalments are small.

Once you qualify for the funds, by making timely repayments you can create your credit profile. This helps in the future when you apply for any financial product. In short, text loans not only serve your instant needs but also help you have a better financial life. There is no extra fee or upfront fee for the borrowers. Also, no hidden charges interfere the procedure to cause any unethical hurdle.

Is it possible to pay off the loan without any charges?

Yes, certainly. There is no prepayment fee if you want to pay off the loan amount before the completion of the short tenure. However, very few lenders may take a nominal charge but not all. The lending companies like Loan Lender provide mini text loans without any such fee or penalty. The choices are in abundance, you can always make your own choice according to your preferences on the repayments. Already with a small amount, most of the lenders do not keep any condition of prepayment penalty.

This facility is equally applicable for every applicant irrespective of credit score status and employment status. The only condition is to prove the repayment capacity. Nothing in particular is asked by the lender to provide in the name of fee when you pay off early. In fact, most of the borrowers make prepayments of text loans due to its small amount and quite short tenure.